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Mobile data quick toggle missing from notification drop down menu.

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      I've Galaxy S9 on Bell canada. I've noticed that mobile data quick toggle from quick notification drop down panel is missing. I've been using "data usage manager" edge panel to turn on and off mobile data. But recent update to One UI made it disappear too. However, It is available and selected in edge panel settings menu, but does not appear when swipe from edge of the screen (Note : "data usage manager panel" has disappeared not the edge panel itself.) It seems like Users have been forced to use more data.

Screenshot_20190307-074050_Edge screen.jpgTwo panels selected


Screenshot_20190307-074043_Samsung Experience Home.jpgOnly one panel available although two are selected.


Screenshot_20190307-074218_Chrome.jpgMobile data missing.


Screenshot_20190307-074215_Chrome.jpgMobile data missing.


Screenshot_20190307-074224_Chrome.jpgMobile data missing


Screenshot_20190307-074221_Chrome.jpgMobile data missing


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Same here! Its so annoying! One ui is one step forward and two steps backwards! Why remove it the first place anyways??:/
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