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Lock screen not waking up with notifications

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Ever since I got this phone, I've had to resort to downloading apps in order for my lock screen to wake up when I get texts. Glimpse notifications was working well until the new update came along... and now my screen isn't waking up again. Apps aren't fixing this now, and I'm getting pissed. It shouldn't be THIS hard to customize your own phone to the way you like it. Plus, the battery life blows now. Can somebody help me fix this before I toss this phone into a garbage disposal? 


Having the same problem here. 


I want my screen to wake up when I receive a notification from apps like Messenger, Gmail, or others. 


It is incredibly strange to me that this is not a default feature on a Samsung S9, and terribly annoying to have to manually turn on the screen everytime to read the ***** notification. 


Screen dont wake on notifications and no led . Very frustrating . Please Samsung sort this out 


Have you sent yourself a text using samsungs own text app (send a text and quickly turn screen off) to see if your screen turns on with a notification?

I tried this, and it works for me, which means its an issue with third party apps (probably a change in software and how the apps interact.

I contacted Samsung about this (and about edge lighting also not working with third party apps with the screen off) ansd they confirmed its a third party apps issue.


Same here. I've bought the phone friday and I'm using the latest official rom. I'm coming from a OnePlus 5T (OxygenOS is perfect, no flaws) and, man, this is frustrating. I really would like to try that "edge notification". At least glimpse notifications is working.

Btw, if you are using glimpse notifications and turn on edge notifications, it will work, but you won't be able to ''interact'' with it. Have you guys tried?


Hello everyone!!
I am quite annoyed by Samsung at this point.  I have the S10 almost 3 weeks now. And I have to say I've never had so much trouble with a device. The battery drain issue and and notifications issue. 
I'm not asking for much here. I Want my phone to wake when I recieve a notification. Is that so much to ask? 

Well as it appears we need to download a third party application for that simple thing.. and I did. The glimpse app. Ok..

Since I was really missing the LED notification  (I think we all do.. It is really bad having to wake the phone all the time to see whether we have a message or not) , I downloaded the always on edge lighting app. So I think they don't work together that good, cause after I installed it a black screen appears in order to enable the ring and it hides the pop up that used to wake my screen through glimpse.. 
Anyone else had that experience?

If it's a third party issue, then why all the other phones woti just fine? Huawei, poco phone , oneplus6 etc ?
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Yeah it's not a third party app issue. I ended up having to activate the app "glimpse notifications" again and had to mess around with the Samsung settings. Anybody else having issues now with the camera failing? 


Its been happening since last year on all range of galaxy devices and samsung ignoring it. They have no clue at the moment. My S9+ sent for repair twice and returned back with the same issue. Replaced with brand new device and same issue. There isn’t any third party app issue. It’s between Pie update from google and samsung tweaking issue which is not syncing properly and device gone to deep sleep mode within few minutes after screen turn off. There is not any official confirmation from samsung but they are very well aware about this issue. They are trying to resolve it since last year but no luck with google update policy. I would say google and samsung both responsible for the issue. Without google update samsung won’t be able to update pach and google never listen to anyone except they have problem on their own branded devices. 


Samsung is losing their customers now because so many problems with their devices in recent period and no any official comments on it since last year. There is no commitment from their side or acknowledge any problems by them. You can say its very poor customer service. 


I hope they could save their customer switching on different brands and entities worst customer service awards soon by not accepting their mistake.

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