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Is it possible to change the background of messages?

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Just did the update this morning on my Note 8..... I was so excited as I want to do "night mode". Oh it doesn't work when you have a theme installed. Went back to samsung's ugly default theme - enable night mode - had to find a wallpaper, icons, etc to make default theme look like something. Now messages app is all black background with ugly bubble colors and no options to change it! 


Solution from Samsung is to download a themes which I did and would do if it worked with "night mode". Come on Samsung get it together!!! They upgrade stuff while removing features or not adding some. You removed the messages customization options with this one ui! 

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Try  ( YAATA )  i using this one and is very good i said better tha Samsung 

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I just finally updated yesterday on my S9, and boy am I regretting that. Why do Samsung remove features with every update? Do they actually think that's what we want? Do they not realise that as their customers, what we want matters because we can choose to go elswhere?


I will be, when my contract is due for an upgrade. I can hardly believe I'm saying this, because I hate Apple, but I think I might get an iPhone. Samsung are running headlong off a cliff, at least Apple let their customers do what they want, even if they are obnoxiously priced.

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I updated this morning... I hate it. One of the reasons I like Galaxy over iPhone was the personalization. And they took it away. I'm not happy. 

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Everybody is complaining about the removal of option to put our own theme on background for messages. WHY SAMSUMG IS TRYING TO EMULATE IPHONE? if I wanted my messages to look like an iPhone, I would got a Apple phone.  I've been with Samsung for about 8 years for a reason.  When you guys do the updates, PLEASE BRING that option back. Right now many people including myself are unsatisfied. :( 

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I think having the option to change the background and bubble colors is more of a disability issue.  I'm having a lot of trouble with my eyes and the white and teal is actually a bit painful.  I'll wait for an update rather than sue for insensitivity to disabilities needs... but I'm hoping it comes soon.


I'd just like to say I'm on oreo and I can't change my background in text messages or colours etc. I'm not sure that's a pie thing that's been taken away although the default does look a bit nasty in pie imo 

no worries now that they put out a new update it's no longer available on the s8 plus either, also remember these decisions are made by a select few that work for Samsung compared to the millions of people that owns Samsung phones, and trust me no one's happy about not have freedom of choice on your phone because apparently Samsung's a dictator
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This upgrade is *****!! I want my Nougat back!! I want the edges, not the curves!!! The emojis are way too big!! I hate the lines on the every lists!!!! BRING BACK MY BG CUSTOMIZATION IN THE MESSAGES!! ***** IT!!

Maan! I agree!!
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