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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie

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So a full factory reset after the update made the phone run better. Many hours of modifying and tweaking the look got the phone looking ok...  BUT THESE SAMSUNG FRACKERS JUST MADE ANOTHER UPDATE THATS JUST MESSED UP THE PHONE AGAIN *****


Anyone else getting distorted and loud notification sounds now?  If i go into sound setting notifacations play ok but when the phone gets an email or txt the notification is playplayed twice and distorts. Watching movies the notification is so loud and distorted.  I just want to smash this phone right now...


I had the same problem with the after PIE patch. Full factory reset, then and now still getting things fixed. I heard that other carriers who had the

Other users that have other carriers don't have problems or are encountering all these problems. I have tmobile, and they finally said "iyountknow" and hooked me up with Samshmuck. Then settled on the reset... Argh, I've reset 2x and it's still krap.

I am going Back to I-Phone for sure.  They have had long enough to fix these problems. And have done nothing!


BUt one thing for sure is it's the last Samsung will get from me. A 1k phone with these inflicted problems sucks!


That's funny as my text with them show that they said it can't be done without using illegal software to perform that.


Yea, Samsung really dropped the ball with the new update. Makes me sick to my stomach. 

I went back to Oreo. Took me about 30 min and I  had my phone back. 


PLEASE!!! Tell me how to do that!


Depends on your build/base number, if this digit is 1 or 2 you can reinstall oreo but if it's 3 or higher you can't do it without rooting the phone. 



If it's a 2 just Google samsung s9 pie to oreo and read up.


You download the firm ware and a program called Odin to do it. 

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