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How to remove default calendar app

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I have both the Google and the Samsung calendar apps which give the same information.

I see that it is not possible to remove the Samsung calendar app as you would do for any other app.

Do I really need to root the phone to do it? Isn't there a simpler way?

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Hi @Mattfromlondon

Apps that come pre-installed on Android devices are an embedded part of the software and as a result they cannot be deleted. Some can be disabled however therefore we recommend going to Settings > Apps > Calendar and if the option is available then it will be accessible towards the top of the screen. I would avoid rooting the phone if possible as this will void your warranty with Samsung. ^AL
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There is no way to remove this app and a few other Samsung apps without root. I'm not even sure if it can be done with root. Why Samsung feels the need to duplicate all the stock Android apps I don't know. I do however like the Samsung internet browser but Calendar, Messages, Contacts, and Email can all go! I found this thread looking for ways to delete Calender with root as its the most annoying. For now, I have those apps disabled.


Did you have any luck? I don't care about voiding the warranty as it's insured through T-Mobile and I only need my S9+ to work until August when the Note 9 drops.


I've tried everything possible to remove the Samsung calendar to no aval.  For whatever reason Samsung shoves it down our throat.  

This in itself just may keep me from buying a Sumsung phone in the future.  

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on a similar note , i am unable to set a defalt calendar be it either samsung or google , the option  is grayed out , any help would be great 


smasung s9 plus 

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