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How to remove default calendar app

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I have both the Google and the Samsung calendar apps which give the same information.

I see that it is not possible to remove the Samsung calendar app as you would do for any other app.

Do I really need to root the phone to do it? Isn't there a simpler way?

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Hi @Mattfromlondon

Apps that come pre-installed on Android devices are an embedded part of the software and as a result they cannot be deleted. Some can be disabled however therefore we recommend going to Settings > Apps > Calendar and if the option is available then it will be accessible towards the top of the screen. I would avoid rooting the phone if possible as this will void your warranty with Samsung. ^AL
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There is no way to remove this app and a few other Samsung apps without root. I'm not even sure if it can be done with root. Why Samsung feels the need to duplicate all the stock Android apps I don't know. I do however like the Samsung internet browser but Calendar, Messages, Contacts, and Email can all go! I found this thread looking for ways to delete Calender with root as its the most annoying. For now, I have those apps disabled.


Did you have any luck? I don't care about voiding the warranty as it's insured through T-Mobile and I only need my S9+ to work until August when the Note 9 drops.


I've tried everything possible to remove the Samsung calendar to no aval.  For whatever reason Samsung shoves it down our throat.  

This in itself just may keep me from buying a Sumsung phone in the future.  

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on a similar note , i am unable to set a defalt calendar be it either samsung or google , the option  is grayed out , any help would be great 


smasung s9 plus 


On my Galaxy S10+ I wasn't able to disable the app. However, I was able to block it from sending notifications and remove the icon from the home screen, so in effect, I'll never see it and can use the Google Calendar. I hope that helps!

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I agree. In case this helps, on my S9 the feature is called 'hiding' an app. Instructions are easy to find on the internet.


I bought my unlocked Samsung phone while working overseas in the Middle East. When I returned home to Canada, Samsung's calendar was still showing Islamic events and not showing Canadian events/holidays. I  wasn't able to change, disable, or delete the Samsung calendar. Shame on Samsung. I understand having the default calendar based on location or sim card, but they really should allow users to customize it.


Anyway, Samsung does offer the ability to 'hide' apps from its home screen, so I hid the Samsung calendar and installed the Google one, which automatically updated itself to Canadian events, presumably based on my location.


The ealier poster, Bsniz,also mentioned blocking notifictaions from Samsung's calendar. I didn't do that in case I have any annual events such as birthdays. I think I'll give them a while to grandfather out first. But Bsniz's suggestion does seem reasonable and might be applicable to others. Good post.

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