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How to change the *default* alarm ring tone

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I set several alarms every week, using Google Assistant, voice, ie hands free.

My problem is that the default ringtone for new alarms is "Bixby alarm", which is frankly useless for waking me up. And, having impaired hearing, for pretty much everything else. I have got tired of not noticing or not hearing the default alarm.

I know that I can go to individual alarms and change the ringtone.  However, there are literally no circumstances under which I would choose "Bixby alarm". And having to edit every single alarm I set should be unnecessary, in addition to which, there are times when I can't edit it, for example if I set an alarm while driving or if I have very dirty hands.

So, I want to change the default ring tone for alarms. I want to be able to say "Hey Google. Set alarm for 4.00" and know that an alarm will set for 4.00 with the ring tone "Loud scream" (or whatever) rather than the Bixby alarm which I can't always hear.

Does anyone have any ideas, please?

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After 2 phone calls to support, one that said it could be changed and another that said it could not be changed, I have given up. The Galaxy S9 is a piece of *****. The curved screen causes my screen protector to peel off, I cannot feel the buttons, so I never know if it is upside down or not, and I cannot totally diable Bixby. The reason I left Apple because the developers forced me into things I did not want, now Android is doing the same.

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After I posted this and rechecked, it again defaults to the Bixby Alarm. POS

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I am a month into Samsung support and about 50 emails and three broken promises for phone support.

JFC, but Samsung is dire on support


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