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Delayed notifications issue affecting all range of Samsung devices since at least half a year.

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Same problem here for quite a while, from S7 Edge to S9+. Tried everything possible. Great hardware and design, but I am actually losing money over this problem. I receive notifications so I can accept jobs, which can be extremely competitive. Jobs disappear in seconds so timely notification is critical for me. If there's no fix till I buy a new phone, my next phone will not be a Samsung.

Has anyone verified it is a Samsung issue an not Android?  My findings show it is Android.  As I mentioned earlier in this forum my Ipad has instant notifications along with my LG G3 with custom ROM.  My S7 was started having delays after Oreo upgrade last summer.  I had a Chuwi Hi9 tablet for awhile with  Oreo and it had delays too.  This is a Samung forum so maybe feedback from non-Samsung Android owners wil help?


Yes, probably everyone here facing the same problem. Its not working no matter whatever settings and tweaks you try. Its working for some people for a while and problems come back. Samsung has no courage to accept it. They completely ignored this problem. They always blame third party apps. Even if phone repaired many times the problems not resolved. Brand new devices having same problem. We’re wasting our time and mony both. I wish would stick to apple phones as their support and services are excellent. I have already spent a lot on samsung mobile now but next phone will be apple again. I feel sorry to say goodbye to Samsung. Only customer service doesn’t mean good service but problem solving skill also consider which Samsung never proved.


Yes it has affected xiaomi and other brands as well. But they resolved it within a few months by updating beta patch.


Here Samsung even not acknowledging it and blaming third party apps. If android problem then why its not affected every phones. FYI samsung is not google branded phone so they developed their own android software based on google’s rom. They add boltwares and tweaks before release to their updated. Since more than a year people complaining here. Have you seen any reply from Samsung yet? NO, why? They completely ignored it.


I would like if someone try this app and check notifications are working or not. I am out of sight atm and will check as soon as possible.


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Yup, this is the same thing I was messing around with a while ago. I miss having the google search bar on my home screen, as well as access to Google assistant while driving. It just doesn't make sense to me that the standalone Google app would be causing this problem... It sure would be nice to hear some feedback from any Samsung devs.

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Hello everybody,

It is high time to act on social media (twitter/facebook etc.)

This is a powerfull medium. 

Maybe there are celebraties who use Samsung and not Iphone and have the same problems. 

They have a lot followers and this can change the lack of interest by Samsung.


I'm sorry, but I don't have twitter, facebook etc. But there will be somebody out here who can start something?

I also signed the but I was nr 36 today. So, if that will help.....:-(


Kind regards,


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s10e Wifi delayed notifications when turned off screen

Samsung please help

all notification delayed...

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I tried an older router, it seemed to work for a while but it wasn't

This is not solution. My other mobiles getting instant notification. So why S9+ need different router? Do you mean its hardware fault then?

I can’t believe now that we have to purchase different router for getting notifications and if it will not working then who will be responsible, phone or router?

It’s definitely Samsung fault not router or setting will change anything. My ISP doesn’t allow to change their own branded router. If I go to relatives or friends house do they change router for us to getting our notifications?

By the way its not only on wifi notifications issue but issue with gsm data as well. So this will not helpful. You may be lucky that get your notifications working but not for everyone.

Thank you and good luck for getting temporary workaround for your phone.

This had been an issue for me for ages so glad im not the only 1. So its only with Samsung phones?! 


All that money and it turns out to be second rate 

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