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Android pie beta program


Or, lets better use Whatsapp

All 10.000 Slots in Germany are still there because it hasn't launched yet.

I am done with Samsung. My next phone isnt Samsung for sure.


Bis jetzt gibt es noch kein Hinweis wann die Freigabe für die Beta startet!

Diese Info ist ca. 15 min. Alt vom Smsung Live Chat

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 Hi all.


Happy for non-UK folks to share stuff on here.  Worth bearing in mind that local services can differ though, and that we do have Communities in other European languages if you're wanting to reach out to folks in those areas:


European Samsung Communties.JPG


(You can find these options on Community on the 3 line dropdown menu on the top left, and scrolling down to the bottom of the menu.)


As for the language use, it’s not a rule but a matter of practicallity (i.e. you're more likely to be listened to), etiquette and respect for your intended audience – including the silent majority out there.  (Forums are a bit like like icebergs, in that the vast majority of the viewing comes from people who never post or participate.)


I’ve posted on the Dutch and Italian Samsung Communities, but despite not being a speaker of those languages, I’ve always posted in those languages on there in order to be better understood and out of respect for the people who post in and read those forums. Likewise, some of the more helpful and friendly of the users from those forums have posted on the UK Community and around the other language Samsung Communities, and made the effort to speak in the language of the audience there.


If you're really struggling with translating from your native language, that's cool. Just let the Community know, and we'll do our best to help you out. 


 Say "Hello!" to the Community in The Introduce Yourself Thread.


Surely we could use Bixby transkate if we really wanna know what's been said 😋


Die Beta startet in Kürze wurde mir gerade von Samsung gesagt 

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Das sagen sie schon seit gestern...


@DeDonatis wrote:

Das sagen sie schon seit gestern...

Samsung Korea hatte die beta vor 3 Stunden bei 90%, mittlerweile sind sie kurz vor Abschluss. Ausserdem wurde bestätigt das es am WE kommt (heute, morgen oder Sonntag)

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