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Am I being paranoid? Geeks required!

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Something is really bugging me and I don't know if I'm being paranoid. Do you know anyone who is like really geeky software security wise on android phones? I was talking to a guy the other day across LinkedIn and he sent me a job spec to my email. I clicked to open it and it asked me to request access to view via Google. Is this normal? I looked at my activity history today and cannot find that transaction and I'm flapping! I've reset my Google password and checked if any other devices are using my device and it all seems ok. The guy reassured me (ish) but I asked him since and he's stonewalling me! I've run security checks on my phone and all is ok but I'm so paranoid about stuff like this sometimes.

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Superuser I

The phone us designed to ask for oer.ission to open certain files.


It usually gives two options to use and asks if you want to use that way just once or always. 


Have you checked in your 'My Files' and the downloaded section. 


In regards to hacking it's rare but not improbable. 


You've done the best thing by changing passwords etc. 


Also change your email password too is my advice. 


Personally I won't open any links that are either unknown or from someone I dont know. 


Keep an eye on things for the short term. 





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