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S10+ swipe to call from messages main screen.

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Upgraded from s8 active. I used to be able to go into messages and swipe left to call and right to send message from the main message screen. Feature is disabled. 

Already went into settings, advanced features and enabled swipe to call. Still not working.

On messages, main menu i must press contact message then press little phone icon at the top then press green call button on new screen. Too many actions.

Anyone know a fix?

AndrewL Moderator
@SasVan: I have had a look into this for you and can see that it is still possible to swipe left on a contact to compose a text message, however you can't swipe right to instantly call them. If you access your contacts via the Phone app then you can tap any contact to bring up the call and messaging options directly below their name. If you do this via the Contacts app then it will open the contact details, with the options visible at the top of the screen. Maybe the removal of this feature was to address any potential 'pocket dialling' incidents, although I appreciate that it might be a little bit of a step back for those of us used to the swipe option.
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Only seems to work in phone app

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My note 8 just updated to this and I HATE it. Swiping from the messages app is how I placed all my calls and now I can't. Gonna be a task to retrain myself. Why can't some things be left alone. Or at least the option to turn back on.

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My note 8 is now doing this afternoon the q Android OS update I think it's something that Samsung missed in the update. Really annoying it's one of my most used features of my phone 

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How can we fix this Samsung what the hell

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The contact list is the only place I found where this swiping option is still available. Otherwise it's a 12 step process to text or call a recent contact.

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Thanks for breaking 'Swipe to call' feature... You guys think once you got the market, now you can wipe your ass with your customers... guess what.. I have S8, and considering going iphone, and will do soon... Just to show you guys a point. Almost bought S10+, and was looking to soon.. but wont !

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So annoying, I've just upgraded from the note 8 to the 10+ and keep trying unsuccessfully to swipe call from my messages - a feature I use all the time.  Come on Samsung don't take things that work really well away from us!

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Same...they need to fix this!
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