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S10 + battery - Please help me understand


Hi guys,


I seriously need some help here. I bought the S 10 + a couple of days ago and I do not actually know If I get good battery results or not (do keep in mind that I have been force closing all apps after use, which I do not think should be necessary with a brand new phone). Anyhow, yesterday I got approx 5 hours of SOT and used Spotify for about 5 hours (in background) on LTE and I used Youtube for approx 3 hours (this was on Wi-Fi). The rest of the apps were Facebook, Messenger, etc.


Today I have these results right now (see picture). Im mostly on LTE - but at home I switch over to Wi-Fi. 

However, I want to know if these results are good or bad - since I still have the possibility of returning the phone. I have 63 % as Im writing this. But every time I open a ***** app, it seems that I lose a couple of percent. Also, according to Accubattery, my estimated battery is 3900 mAh and not 4100. 


I seriously do not know if I should be complaining about this or not.


ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Kurtlivendal 


Have a look at this useful link for some tips on how to extend your battery life.


Hope this helps!

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