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Power button seems soft (s10+)


Hey al,


So I noticed that after a very short time of ownership, the power button has lost it's "click" when I press on the button it is very soft and will give me the options to turn it off when i barely touch it. It has not been near any liquids...etc


Do I need to send it back to samsung, or is there any way I can fix it at home?


With my iPhone I would avoid pressing the physical buttons, but the FaceID won't activate by just tapping on the screen, only the touchID. Though to lock it again I dont know any way without using the power button?


Thanks in advanced for any help.

Superuser I
Superuser I

This sounds hardware related thus not something you can remedy. 


Do you have a Samsung Experience Store or a Samsung Service Centre where you are @Gregoris  so you don't have to send it away ?


If not then I'd suggest to take time and date stamped pictures of the phone with a couple of it turned On to prove it's aesthetic condition and that it turns On.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 




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