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So I have submitted my claim for the galaxy buds through the app and gave my phones imei and receipt details along with my email address. 


After submitting it about 4-5 hours ago, i still haven't recieved an email confirmation along with a claim ID to even track my promotional claim. 


Is this merely a delay and normal? 


I would contact them via email but apparently i need my claim ID at hand...and their phone lines at closed until monday 


Yeah I never received an email confirmation either. I did however do the smart thing and took a screenshot when it showed my claim id.


I did the 'track my claim' about 2 hours later and it said it was in the process of being checked and I'll receive an email when it goes through. 


Gotta remember how many people are going to be doing this. Pretty sh*tty way of Samsung to do this promotion, the galaxy buds should just have been sent out with any phone that was pre ordered. Meh. 


Yeh i figured that there might be an overload issue.


Would you be able to post an update once you get your email ?




If I get an email lol. 


If something does come through, I'll be sure to post here. 

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Same issue here 


Did my claim last night and haven't received an email either, but did screenshot the claim ID number. 


I'm in the same boat, I didn't get a screenshot of the claim id. Fingers crossed! 


Just got my email there now. So about 15hrs later for me lol. 


I'd say if anyone who hasn't gotten an email yet did get the whole 'an email will be sent out' message, then you're good, just give it time. The system is trying to process so much. 


Success! I finally got my confirmatiom too via email and also text 


Do we get to pick colour? 

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