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clash of the clans on Note 9


Clash of the Clans takes up the full screen. There is no way of getting out of the app in the app settings. Also there is no way of closing the app as it takes the full screen. The only way out is to turn the phone off!

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Superuser I

Are you perhaps able to look st the preference in settings - display - full screen apps. 



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Hi there, @TheArchetect.

If you tap the screen where the navigation bar should be it should pop up. Then you can use this to exit the app, or switch to something else for a while.

Hope this helps.


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try to remove the game and install it again if you have not already done so


seems the only way to exit some games is as you say tap at the bottom of the screen which is not easy and also the game is still open and the only way of closing the game is to close the app button. There is no setting the game to exit and this is also true of other games.

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