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camera problem with live focus and zoom

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it's not fair to repair a phone that has just been bought, but if they do not want to exchange it and give you a new one I think that you do not have too much other choices apart from fixing it


Hello all, I have the same problem. I prordered a note9 via Samsung uk. and got it on 24 August. First reported on 3 Oct. It has been confirmed by Samsung Manchester repair centre this week. The camera is faulty. Been calling customer services, the only solution that Samsung offered is repair. This is not a one off incident and I have googled online, several people have the same issues. Who will want to spend £1100 on a flagship phone and have it repaired. Its only 6 weeks old. The phone hasn't got a satisfactory quality. If I don't get a brand new replacement or a refund from samsung, I will contact my credit card company for a refund under uk section 75. It's a really bad experience and very poor customer service.


So I went to different Costco warehouses,  different AT&T centers and tested the displays. 


I even swapped out for a new phone since I get 90 day policy thru Costco.   This new phone is a little better but still kind of does it. 


All displays have focus grainy screen issue based on my tests 


I hope it's a software issue.   Waiting for the October update which supposedly contains camera update too.


NEVER had these problems with my other Samsung galaxy phones... VERY DISAPPOINTED so far! 

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I got my note 9 on release day. Noticed the issue with the zoom a few weeks after. I have not hard reset the phone but, i just finished the camera update and the issue still there :/

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Hi. I'm also having the same problem with the camera in zoom and focus mode. It looks like it has a malfunctioning camera opener.

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Same problem here. On zooming or using live focus the telefocus lens keeps vibrating & blurry image appear.
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I am from Sri Lanka. I also suffering from same problem. 

We sent Rs. 145000.00 for this phone.

Please samsung. do not repair give us a new phone.

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Im having the same problem i bought the note 9 from dubai and now i am in india they say we do not provide international warranty my camera keeps vibrating does the pie update fix it?


Nope, there is no Software update that can fix this.


It's a hardware defect.....ever since they added a stupid second lens, it totally screws up everything.  I can't believe with such an expensive phone, we have this problem.  As we speak, my phone is sent back to Samsung, so I have to use my old slow phone....NOT HAPPY.  I demanded a replacement phone to an S10 as I have already attempted to have the camera fixed and the problem has come back after 7 weeks.   CRAZY! 


Good luck with yours...I really think we should start an official class action lawsuit.   It is NO COINCIDENCE that there are this many people with this problem....and that's ONLY the  people that take the time to type and share.   I'm sure there are many others just "dealing" with the problem  :(

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Can someone demonstrate this problem ??? I cannot understand if I have this problem. When in manual mode I move the focus, green spots along the contour appear on the brightest (contrasting) areas. As if on a professional camera in the overexposure zone

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