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Why can't we change the background pic of messages app, on the Note 8 you had the option in settings called background


Under message settings, why is option in settings called backgrounds missing in the Note 9 it existed with my previous Note 8, is this option been moved somewhere else in settings? Please help


Also noticed with this new messaging app for my Note 9 you now can't


Swipe right a message to make a call


Also lock a message feature is gone



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Superuser I

Hi @Edwin_Note9,


As with most thing's and companies they tend to deliver app as a standard edition (stock type) and update / add features down the line with input from people to iron out bugs or make it more user friendly. So providing feedback is the best way and I totally understand that some times it does feel like you are shouting in to the wind . My advise for now is change out the messaging app if it bothers you to much to maybe some thing like Textra ( It may not be a fix but I have looked for solutions for you and can not fin any as of any now. 

To lock the messages just star them and it does the same thing .
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You can swipe left/right for call/text. You can find it in the settings
they removed it so you go and buy themes off them its there way of forceing themes on us the free are only free for thirty days

Well, it seems that the Good People at Android decided that we don't need to change the background, or assign specific tones to Individuals, or blocking texts from Withheld numbers.  Hmmmmm... all good ideas that I WISH that they would bring back.  To me, it's like Oreo took a giant step backwards in the SMS department.  Since I just got my Note 9 about a month ago, I hope that this is the ONLY thing that it took a step backwards on.  I found some good things, and a lot of "Why did they do that" things.  

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