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Why can't I have separate sound alerts for my contacts messages,, emails and apps


I liked my other samsung phones that I was able to have seperate message tones for different contacts.  Everything now has the same sound so I don't know if its a text message, email or an app.  I like having different alerts for each thing.  Why was this stillnot a feature on the note 9

AndrewL Moderator
@Jonlas: This feature was removed as part of the Android Oreo update. At present there is no news regarding its reinstatement however Samsung are listening to customer feedback and appreciate that this would be a welcome addition in future versions.

When I emailed Samsung technical support about not having individual text tones, not long after I received an update bringing them back. I do suggest you email Samsung technical support very angrily to get results. 

 Please pass this along to the entire Samsung community.


Yes, I know that this is an old thread that I'm reviving, but I am still irritated by this.  The "Fix" that Samsung mentioned is a stop gap measure and does NOT correct the text message tone problem.   It ONLY applies an individual tone to the CONVERSATION and not to the individual.  Once the thread is deleted, there goes your custom message tone.  While this may be acceptable to most people, most of my Text messages are among Team Members.  3-4 individuals.  I can't assign a specific tone to each of the members as I was able to with the old system.  Now I can only assign a tone to the entire conversation.  I need to know WHO is texting me so that I can know the urgency before I stop what I'm doing and check the message.  Before,  I could assgn a tone to Person A, Person B and Person C.  When each would text me, I could tell who was texting before I needed to look and as such, I could judge the urgency.  Under the Group messages, I could STILL tell who it was before I had to stop and pull my phone out.  And I like to clean my conversations off my phone occasionally rather than tote around several years worth of text messages.  

I had specific tones for my Team Members, my family, specific friends that messaged me often, my alarm company...  

The "Bug" is not with the Texting program, but with the Contact program.  The specific tone was originated from the Contract app.  The "Fix" was done to the Text app.  

I didn't find out about this until AFTER I updated my phone last month from a Note 5 to a Note 9.  So who do I need to write to in order to add my name to the list of people requesting this feature back.  Samsung says that the change came from Android.  

And please, stop telling everyone that it's fixed.  Because it isn't fixed.  

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