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Second camera blurry image and random ghosts touch

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Hi, how are you? I’m here to make a complaint about my Samsung mobile phone, I tried to do it in “Membros Samsung” and E-Amil but it didn’t work. It is a little bit hard to resolve some problems on Samsung warranty. That was the first time I needed to use the warranty. I am backpacking the world and was in Portugal when my phone started to cause me issues. I had to buy a flight to Ireland (where I purchased my phone), ONLY to go to the Samsung assistance shop. The issue is: touch ghost, it swipe to another photo or play a song suddenly. The assistant guy fixed the mobile, but when I went back to continue my trip the problem started all over again. Now I’m in Africa and the mobile has a new problem - in addition to the previous one. I tried to reach Samsung but the warranty works only in Europe. I can’t and I won’t go back to Europe just to fix my mobile phone. I must have the phone with me and (working well) as I am traveling and constantly need to use maps, emails and to make phone calls. Here is my last attempt to fix it. Hope to hear from someone ASAP. Thanks 🙏🏼

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This could be a multitude of reasons why things are going wrong @Hendrikagassi  and I appreciate your circumstances with you travelling and on how support is provided under the manufacturer's warranty.


You can check some things via Hardware test: 


go over to your dial pad and type in *#0*#, this will bring up a number of tests.


This sounds like a hands on approach is needed which means you need a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre.


That or purchase another phone within your disposable income and use that until your return to a country where you can use the warranty.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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I buy a 800 euro phone at the time and use it for only 6 months, it starts to malfunction with Samsung's own problems, because I already took a do to fix and the problem came back. And your only solution is for me to spend money that I don't have to buy a new mobile. Samsung need to fix it. Anyway thanks for your message. 

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Did you try the Hardware Test as mentioned above?

Once in the Hardware Test menu (by dialling *#0*# from your phone) the options you need are Mega Cam (to test the camera) and Touch to test the random ghost touching. If either of these issues persist whilst in this menu, then we can be fairly certain it is a hardware issue on your phone, and it will need inspecting.

However, if the issues do not persist in that menu, then we can look at some other troubleshooting options with you.


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I did it and doesn't work. The problem is the Samsung warranty is just for Europe in my case and I'm traveling for long time in Asia. You buy the phone and you can't leave the region you bought it.
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