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S pen broken and logded in Note 9

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I question the durability of the Note 9 S Pen. My Note 9 has a protective case on it, It fell off my sofa last night and I heard the sound of a small item hitting the wall at the end of my living room. On closer inspection i discover that the top part of my S Pen had broken off and launched off the phone. I can't seem to get the lower part of the S Pen out of the phone.


I  have had the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 4 (still have it)  for 4 years and numerous times it dropped nothing like this ever happened. How do I get this S Pen off and where do I get a replacement S Pen?

AndrewL Moderator
@EBARAI: Sorry to hear that you have experienced this issue. If part of the S Pen is lodged in the phone and you're unable to retrieve it then I recommend visiting an authorised Samsung Support Centre to have the device inspected by an engineer. To find your nearest one please check the following link, select' Mobile Device' and enter your post code:
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