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Note 9 smartview fail

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From 1 day to the next my note 9 stopped pairing  to view on my curved Samsung nu8500. My note 9 recognizes the TV on my smartview list but when I select the correct tv the list just disappears and searches for new devices after about 3 seconds. I'm assuming there is an autoupdate that happened or something. I've reset my TV and set up all over again. I've checked updates on my phone and app. I dont know what else to do. Is anyone else having this problem or has a reason or troubleshoot for this.

AndrewL Moderator
@GravVeddie: Are you able to try connecting your Note 9 to another compatible TV or device to see if the issue persists, as this will help to identify if the problem lies with the phone or the TV itself. Furthermore please restart your Note 9 in Safe Mode via the steps below and attempt the connection, as this will disable all third party apps and address the possibility of an external cause. Turn the device off > Press and hold the Power key > Release the Power key when the Note 9 logo appears > Press and hold the Volume Down key immediately after releasing the Power key > Continue to hold the Volume Down button until the device finishes booting.
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