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Note 9 pie update message

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I've seen it all over forums how much people detest this update and I'm one of them. I'm on the verge of reverting back to the previous UI BUT I'm trying to make pie work. Has anyone figured out a way to get back all the screen that was lost with the pie update for settings and messages? There is literally no reason half my screen should be taken up but the title for these applications, I have a big phone so I can look at lots of things at once, not so I can look at 'Settings' in XL font. ***** whoever let this ***** through is an *****. (Side note if anyone knows how to move the time back over to the right that would be awesome too.)

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This is what I'm talking about, getting rid of these horrible headers. 

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Superuser I

The Goodlock App allows the time to be moved back across @Blessedelua 


You could try a 3rd party launcher etc to change the Ui.


Personally I just gently use my thumb to slide up on the screen that pushes the page up to remove the space. 


It's just how Samsung One Ui is to help with using the phone one handed. Brings everything into easier reach.





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