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Note 9 issue with color banding and black crush

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I have recently bought note 9. I am having issue with color banding and black rush.

Its difficult to watch dark scenes. The screen is having dark patches. It is not able to diffentiate with dark colors. 

So i got a new replacement. Its still having the same issue

Any help ???

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Hi @Gursharan1


I'd suggest to use Google Search and you'll find others highlighting the same. 


As far as I can currently see there isn't a resolution yet. 



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Samsung Note 9 Model: SM-N960 Dual Hybrid 512Gb_ Samsung One Ui / Pie.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A {2016}SM-T580

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I am also using the same model. Are you also experiencing the same issue. I will probably get a refund because it's really annoying getting those dark patches in all the dark scenes and color banding even on the  brighter scene

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I've had black crush in Samsung S9+, i finally returned it but planning to get Note 9 now. Could you reconfirm whether you're seeing same behavior?

These pics were taken in a low light environment. 

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I've got the same issue with my note9

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