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Note 9 faulty camera


Awesome to hear it's getting fixed, that's an even better turn around time. my camera is working fine now

I'm From BANGALDESH, My Note 9 Also Have Same Camera Issue. What Should i DO And How ti Fix it Official From Bangladesh. Please Let Me Know... I Brought This Mobile From Malaysia via My Cousin. Now Tell ME How Can i Solve This Camera Issue Officially.
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I did that dialed that suggestion mega cam but it doesnt let me zoom in but it looks ok these 0hones are defective nothing but issues they need a class action suit. I have had my pictures ruined incredible scenes I will never get to see again ruined because of this fraud of a company w blurry fuzzy pictures!
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If issue isnt present during the test then what????

I had the same problem, took my phone into Samsung to be fixed worked fine till the next camera software update then the buzzzzzzzzzz was back.  The only solution I have found is to take photos in "Pro" mode and forget the other modes.  It's a shame that the camera lets down the phone.

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