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Note 9 charging issues


I'm having the same issue.  I went to the Dominican Republic on vacation, took my phone to the beach but it didn't get near the water.  I started getting the moisture message immediately.  I had a wireless charger so I was able to use it for the remainder of my trip.  When I got home I gave it a couple days, cleaned and cleared the port, I am 100% certain there is no water in there, never was.  When I plugged it in back home it made the noise like it was charging, then immediately stopped even recognizing the charger was connected.  Now when I plug it in it does nothing, but I can still charge wirelessly.  Something is broken with this phone.

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I'm having same issue. Is this just a software glitch or something is broken inside my phone. It's reqlre frustrating, I'm charging my phone wirelessly from last couple of days.

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Hi Zainzs


I actually also don't know what the problem could be. At the moment my phone charges fine wirelessly, but from time to time when plug in my charger it would complain about moist. When I shut it off and then plug in the charger, it gives no issues

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So I got the note 9 when it first came out and had the exact same problems.  Moisture detected, yet never came  close to water or moisture.  If you look online this issue is common i guess going back to the galaxy s8.  Random errors about moisture and not being able to fast charge etc..  Well after receiving a refurbished phone 3 months later the exact same issue.  Same moisture detected never touched any moisture at all.  This is ridiculous.  1000$ phone supposedly water resistant yet you can not use it because of a fake water issue lol.. I use to work at a samsung experience center.  And this makes me not want to deal with another samsung device period.  Because now my wireless charger stopped working as well!

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