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Note 9 Screen Scratches


Well I have not had a problem so far. Had th Note 9 for a few months now. Got both the S clear cover and a stick on screen protector. I am disappointed that the expensive clear cover has scratched but I guess thats what its to do to avoid the screen getting scratched. Although the  shinny clear cover emphasiizes scratches so I would reconsider buying the clear cover. 


The camera lens is a bit exposed and tends to get dirty if you us the stress / heart rate monitor so the monitor is in the wrong place.


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The s pen doesn't work from the display, instead the pen detects when the tip is pushed down when it's close to the phone, so the pen doesn't even need to be touching the phone to work. Which is also why the s pen only works with the note 9 it's been paired with.

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I have the same problem,  just got it late november, it has multiple deep scratches, I don't even know what cause it. I have s7 edge for over two years, not even a small scratches. 


Lawsuit. Replace units due to manufacturing defects and false advertising. There are only a few types of screen technology. They knew instantly it would be very delicate and that there was no way it would hold up. If my brand new phone has scratches with a Samsung branded case, something is very wrong. I baby it because of this. I had  Galaxy 3. Did not scratch like this. Then I went to LG until the 9. Stupid decsion. People need to complain to the carriers, and start a suit. There a plenty of laws and crazy rules for selling a used 1987 Honda Civix for 50 bucks. A thousand dollar device? Nope. Thankfully when my screen broke, I could still make calls trying to get home.

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