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Note 9 SM-N960F single sim swap

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So its not just me then! Recently purchased Note 9 via CPW and assumed what I buy from retailer is what Samsung have on their web site. WRONG! Only now some two later I purchased another sim to use in dual sim mode for travel. Suddenly realise there is a difference and upon investigation realise I did not read the * small print on Samsung page nor do CPW make it clear they only sell a single sim version. CPW will not allow return or refund and so I am stuck with a £1099 phone that feels like a Ferrari with 3 wheels for my use case. For Sale: Low miliage Note 9 Black - 512GB - Single Sim Version - £899.

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Go to About Phone to see if it shows IMEI (slot 1) and IMEI (slot 2)

The second sim occupies the same slot as the SD card which is not very helpful.

On the other hand, I have 128MB so I should be ok with all my pics.

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