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Mobile data option/button not found in the notification pa el

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How to add the mobile data option in the notification panel. Screenshot_20190211-121705_Samsung Experience Home.jpgNo mobile data button


Screenshot_20190211-121701_Samsung Experience Home.jpgNo mobile data button


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Superuser I

Can you first try a soft reboot by turning the phone Off and On. 


Then if it still does not show then pull down to show your toggles and press the 3 little dots in the top Rh Corner.


Press Button Order.


Look to see if the button is at the top and needs dragging into the main panel.


If not try using the reset option. 



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I have turned on and off and had reset it and still the same issue.

I have got mobile through at t contract. 

Attached about device information to this.  Let me know the some other troubleshooting. It's so annoying to use the mobile data everytime inside the settings.




8607095928SmartSelect_20190212-091208_Settings.jpgAbout device



Hi @BandOfBrothers

I can't find the list of apps in settings where you can turn off or stop apps using mobile data in the background 🙁


It's ok I found it 🙂

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