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Galaxy Note 9 Scree with clearer rectangle

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I  recently noticed my Galaxy Note 9 shows like a rectangle clearer in the middle of the screen when the brightness is slow. Could this be a configuration, a default behavior or actually an phisical issue? ThanksIMG-20190818-WA0088.jpg




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I've not seen anything like that @Camilachaves 


It could be screen burn I suppose.


A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can take a look for you. 



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there are some quite big threads about that issue on XDA. I have the same problem.  It is not a burn in -  it's a faulty hardware. Some have cheese graters, others a solid recentagle on theirs screens. 

Weirdly enough in my case this occured a one day after i've pealed off the screen protector, that i've been using.


Some say it's a glue, others that this is a cooling elemnts sticking to your panel, or even faulty battery. For some folks problem went away by it's own with time. 


I will be contacting Brand Store in the near future. It was a 1k usd phone...


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