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Dual Sim data usage counting for the wrong Sim


Hi. I am using my Note 9 with 2 SIM cards. When i use the mobile data on the SIM 1, the data usage counter is increasing the data usage on SIM 2 while the data usage indicator of SIM 1 shows like i have not used data and the other way around, using mobile data on SIM 2, increasing the data counter of SIM 1. Is there anything that i can do to fix this?


Here are 2 pictures that show what is wrong. The SIM 1 displays the data used by SIM 2 as well as the period of time and vice versa. The main data usage tab shows data from the selected as default SIM for mobile internet access, which is correct but each card shows the data usage and limits of the other.  


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i noticed the same on my Note9. SIM1 is used for data but the usage is tracked on SIM2.
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Same here.  Sim 1 is set for data,  but sim 2 is counting up! I almost had a heart attack,  because sim 2 is roaming, and I don't want to use cellular data while roaming!


Sadly there has not been a reply from anyone from Samsung or a fix with the latest updates. 

It is disappointing, especially considering it is the flagship model with a hefty price. It renders the functionality of the phone useless for using the mobile internet and setting limits to avoid insane bill charges.

Anyone from Samsung here?

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I'm experiencing the same issue. I would like this to be addressed.

Same Issue here  Does anybody know if android just shows it wrong or is really the wrong card used? 


For me it is just counting wrong. When i use the card one, it really uses the card 1 but the counter increases in card 2 and vice versa.


I have the same problem and actually get charged for roaming although I have set international roaming as off. My provider says data has been used and hence charged. I am using a galaxy note 9. To summarise I have a sim 1 which is a local sim, data is used from local sim. Sim2 is a international roaming sim and although I have never used sim 2 data. I am charged for international roaming data. I have now decided to remove the sim 2 and place in a non-smart phone just to receive SMS and otps. Honestly I had lot of arguments to with my local service provider and after doing more research It does looks like the problem is with Galaxy note 9 directly. Guess its time to get rid of the mobile. If I lose money and second sim is useless, it does  not work for me. Regards, Mervin

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Same problem here with note 9.

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