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Built in hidden screen recorder in S9



Does anyone know what happened to the screen record option from the panel above the notification settings? It was there yesterday and worked, but today it wouldn't activate so I restarted my phone & now it's gone!! 

Can someone please help me sort it out please,  it's one of my most used features and is so  frustrating that it's gone. 

I am aware of the one under the animations menu, but I hate that one, is just to fiddly.

Thanks in Advance 😘



Asking Note 9 users is quite weird. Post in Galaxy S9 section maybe?



I posted in Note 9 users community as I have a Note 9? 


The topic is misleading


What kind of option it was? To record the entire phone or only games? I can't remember such an option in my Note 9, something like this is available for in game mode only imo. Are you sure it wasn't an 3rd party app? I'm using ACR recorder and indeed, there was smth on the notification panel but truly I can't remember something like this built into the system 


P.s Milestone, this is post no. 1000

Screenshot_20181205-121226_Chrome Beta.jpg









Found it, it's back!!!  🤔




How?!? Are you using some app or you have it in your phone on stock? First time I see this

It was built in when I bought the phone (stock). Definately NOT a 3rd party app.


It is brilliant & so much easier than the game launcher screen record,  also easier than the animation option.


Now I bet my original question makes sense 😉


Is your phone a dual SIM version or single? Kill me but this is the first time I see this feature in Samsung phone. I'm using my Note 9 since the release date, now it's on beta Pie software and I can't find this in settings.

Dual SIM version.  Bought end of September. 

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