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Bluetooth in note9 disconnecting from car system


My bluetooth connection disconnects automatically after 10-12 seconds from my land rover discovery sports 2016. All other phones have a stable connection with my discovery but note 9 disconnects every 10 seconds. Any solution please?

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Which protocol does your car use? A2DB or something newer?  I'm afraid that Samsung supports only A2DB. Do you can try another Samsung phone? 



thanks for your reply. The Land Rover discovery sports HSE uses the A2DB SYStem but the problem is some where else. The Bluetooth connects nicely with the phone and the phone initially paired up nicely and starts to play music via the car music system but after 10-15 seconds, it disconnects from the car’s Bluetooth and the car music switches to radio by default which is so frustrating and if I try to reconnect, it does so but only to disconnect again after few seconds! A viscous cycle of connections and disconnection. Help please. All other phones including iPhone and Sony Ericsson are connecting seamlessly to my car!

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Only one thing which I can advise is do factory reset and try pairing immediately after that. I don't like advices like this but if it doesn't work there is not many ways how to fix it because we don't have access to deep system settings. Sorry I'm afraid I cannot help you more

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Cheers, Libb - and no worries. 


Not sure if this is still an issue for you, @Drkhalidbutt, but it appears a number of folks with devices on Android 9/Pie (from S9's, S10's and even non-Samsung stuff like Pixels) are experiencing a similar kind of thing as you've said here.


For you and other Note9 users I'll repost what I've posted elsewhere:


"Hi all.


We've let our developers know about this one. They've got back to us today, and advised that as there’s a range of Bluetooth issues/symptoms going on, they want to more closely examine each one individually so they can produce a fix for you as quickly as possible.


The more info they've got from folks experiencing any of the issues the better for that. So if you’ve not done so already, can you guys send error reports with log files via the Samsung Members app as soon as the issue occurs for you?


(How to send an error report with log files: Samsung Members  app > Get Help > Send Feedback > Error Reports > [select error type] > attach a description and tick ‘send system log data’ > Send.)"


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I have the SAME exact issue with my 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport and Note 9.  I've eliminated that it's the phone's fault. I even had another person with a note 9 pair their phone in my car and it was the same exact issue. It is definitely the Discovery Sport. I tried all the remedies with clearing the cache on the phone and impairing and repairing, restarting my phone and all. When I looked into it further with Land Rover, I found the problem is that the Note 9 is not a compatible phone for the Discovery Sport. I made a couple phone calls to Land Rover in which they confirmed this.  As well as went on Land Rover's owner site and found that the Note 9 was not on the compatible phone list as well. RIDICULOUS! I'm so frustrated with Land Rover's prehistoric technology in general (my husband's Ford F150 technology is amazing), and now this! I went back to Verizon to see if I could change my phone, which infuriated me, but was going to have to pay a restocking fee. Land Rover must come up with a solution to this problem ASAP. I'm left with not being able to use bluetooth and have to use the auxiliary cord instead. Needless to say I cant believe this has happened when I own an expensive car!


Oh gosh. This is absolutely ridiculous.  So, no point waiting for an update from Samsung which I was hoping to resolve the issue. Now I am left with only option to sell either my note 9 or Discovery sports. Difficult decision!!!



I just called Land Rover North America and filed a formal complaint against Land Rover. I recommend you do too. Maybe with enough people speaking up, they will figure out a solution. They said they would get back to me in 2 days. There better be a fix for this. The Verizon guy was absolutely stumped and I felt embarrassed that my car doesn't have the technology to support the latest phone and his Toyota Rav 4 does! Come on Land Rover!! 😡😡


Yeah I will do it first thing in the morning,  it's hard to believe such an expensive vehicle cant have appropriate bluetooth technology to handle such trivial problem. Have you asked the land rover team if they can remotely update their bluetooth system of the vehicle to resolve the problem?


Prior to filing the complaint, I had called Land Rover Customer care and they did not know about this specific problem or whether there was a way to remedy it. Then I called Land Rover Service department in Newport Beach, CA. The girl was short with me and basically said it is impossible for them to keep up with the new technology of the phones that are coming out so quickly and that she didn't know when or if there was going to be a resolution. She said the Note 9 I too new, which didn't it come out last summer? She said she could check her system but her computers were down (It was 4:45 and they closed at 6 🤔). By her shortness with me I assume she gets a lot of angry customers calling? I don't know...seems like it. The Customer Care guy was nice and confirmed I was not the only person calling about this problem and that they get a lot of calls regarding this problem. I appreciated that. I hope you file a complaint. Way too expensive of a car to have this problem. It's just bluetooth! 

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