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Apps think fingerprints have been updated?

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Hi. I have recently got a note 9. nice phone.


However I have a major pain with it, a number of apps on it complain that I have recently updated my fingerprint. For instance First Direct app says this nearly everytime I use it, so I have to re-enter my master password, same for RingGo again I have to relogin.


I have not touched my fingerprint settings since I set the phone up.


How can I fix this issue? I cannot find a specific similar case on line so assume its something to do with software on my phone but am stumped what to do?

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It may also to do do with the app itself.


This is something I'd certainly update the developer of the app on in a bug report.


Most developers can be contacted within the app or via the Playstore .



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I've dspoken directly with First direct and via email with RingGo neither has any clue what it could be an as both are saying the same thing I a more inclined to think its something to do with Android?

I've got the same issue with Lloyd's Bank app, very annoying keeps saying new finger print registered when it hasn't
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I found a post on xdev forums from developers who have spotted a bug related to this which I can only hope will lead to a solution, its very annoying.

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