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App not installed on any non Gplay app

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I have had my N9 for soem time now and I had ignored this issue were if i download an app from the itnernet it will begin installation then tell me "App not instllated" - Chrome is enabled to isntall from unknown sources, tried es file exporer to isntall from unkown sources and launch the APK install from there but again it starts the isntall about 3/4 way through - App not installed...  

I have tried a whole heap of apps that I know work including my tubemate app that I know works fine but i cant get it to update due to apk saying not isntalled, mobdro, showbox etc none if work...


Any help much appreciated,


Since you are using chrome to download and permissions for chrome is set to install downloaded apps from unknown sources, then you need to install it from the downloads option in the chrome settings. so hit the 3 dots on the top right and select downloads.

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Hi, apologies its not clear but when I meant install from Internet I meant chrome - downloads, file manager was second attempt, I even tried third party app store aptoide none of the apps install and yes permissions provided to install unknown sources. 



Is there a block for unsigned apps? Or not g-play sources? 


Do you know if any other app you've installed has admin rights. For example if you have your work email on your phone the app that dictates policies can prevent installation from unknown sources. If such is the case then disable administrator rights for that app temporarily install what you want and re-enable admin rights again 

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