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Android PIE ONE UI - Samsung App Locker and Extra Volume - NO MORE!

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The application locker for individual apps and also the extra volume do not exist any more in the new Samsung ONE UI.I bought the phone for some of these key features.What gives?

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Not sure about the locker but few calls now and noticed I need the extra volume feature. Some calls are loud enough while some I can barely understand. Deffinitly need the extra volume back.


Google search brought me to this post.


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I definitely agree with you about that ever since update to android pie9 from oreo 8 stupid idea removing that feature made a difference hopefully it will get added in a future update 🤔

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I watch YouTube about the features of Android Pie with One UI update most seems to be good so i update my A9 2018 was happy with new features till i receive a call was shock that the extra volume no more only call hold this feature is very useful to boost the sound lucky i still have J7 Pro on Oreo with extra volume hope if have more ppl sharing this post Samsung will bring back the extra volume in the next update

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