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how do I search for playlists with Samsung Music?

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I have my music library stored on the Internal Storage (Music folder) of my S10+.  While Samsung Music identified playlists and presents them when I select "Playlists" on the top-level menu, Samsung Music does not find my playlists when I enter the playlist name in the search bar.  It seems that the search function only looks at things like album name, artist name, track name (all things derived from the metadata tags from the music files). 


This becomes a frustrating problem for me in using Google Assistant to play music based on my playlists since when I say, "Hey Google" "play Artist name of playlist" Google Assistant merely launches Samsung Music the the search field of "Artist name of playlist".  And since Samsung Music search doesn't find playlists it does NOT do what I want. 


Since I've spent a lot of effort currating my music collection and embodying the result of that curation in playlists this is a particularly frustrating situation. 


How can I get Google Assistant to satisfyingly perform the request "play <playlist name>"?

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