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Samsung Wireless Charger keeps pausing and red light flashes

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When i place my Note 10+ on Samsung Wireless Charger it sometimes works or not and then 'pauses' and red light flashes on charger. Seems pretty hopeless to me, cable charging is fine, even if i remove case it doesnt work. Not sure if its the charger or the phone which is at fault.

I have a issue with my Samsung wireless charger. I place my phone on charge and it will say 1hr 50mins but I leave it on over night and it takes roughly 5hrs to charge. It stops charging and starts again randomly. I never had the problem with my note 9 using this charger. Cable charging is fine.

Hi guys,


  • Which model of wireless charger do you have?
  • Have you checked all is okay with the cable connection to the wireless charger?
  • What's the software version info on your phones?
  • Which network are you with?
  • Are your phones open/unlocked or are they locked to your network?
  • Does the issue still occur in Safe Mode?
  • Has this issue always occured with your Note10/Note10+?

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