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Note 10 pre order uk bonus

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I ordered my note10+ via and they had a link to a samsung page with a £100 bonus when you give your old phone back. Nobody on Samsung support or Very can provide me with the link and google is not finding it either. Does anyone know the site? It wasn't just very who were offering this. I believe John Lewis and Argos may have been doing the same offer.

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I did see this on Samsungs UK website.


It was a Samsung offer that the re sellers were highlighting themselves.


It was an increased offer of £100 onto the trade in for eligible phones they were accepting which is if a person pre ordered the Note 10 before it launched.


I believe that has now ended.


Now it's just a Trade in of an eligible phone.



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Cheers, BandOfBrothers! 


@tino2199 : This the one?


The eligible purchase period ended on 22 August 2019, but claims can still be made until 05 September 2019.


Claim page:


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