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GPS loss when 5G is on!


I have noticed that the GPS drops out a lot when using Google maps (satnav).

Driving from London to Shrewsbury and back again, it happened on a regular basis. I had the S8 before for 3 years and it hardley ever lost GPS only in very remote areas, but the Note 10+ seems to lose it ever few miles and when i got back into London it was constant. 

I didn't pay too miuch mind thinking that it was just poor area signal but whilst browsing on Instagram, I saw another person had the same issue. We had a chat and it seems she had taken it back to a Samsung and with lots of back and forth, a work around was to to disable 5G and just use 3g/4g which seems to do the trick. 


Any one experienced this? 


I hope this is not a hardware issue!!!! 



Yes I have this problem, I find it frustrating that we are upgrading to one of the best phones on the market and yet we cant use GPS. 

Samsung has had me trying multiple things and talking to the walk-in centres. 

I told them on the phone that I was disappointed as a consumer as Samsung is not taking ownership of the problem.  

At the repair centre, they said they had recieved and email from Samsung stating it is a common problem. However, the phone helpline guys have no idea about it.

Anyway, yes I saw the Instagram post too and the trick works but we shouldn't have to turn off 5G just to be able to have GPS on a flagship Samsung device. 

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This is an existing issue with all Note 10 5G variants.

I have discussed this at length with Samsung and sent in videos etc. I reported this on day of release as I live on the edge of a 5G area and was having the issue all the time.

They have come back with news that the 5G signal is used on a separate chip to the 3G and 4G and therefore when the device switches over to the 5G chip it doesn't handover the location service correctly.

They have stated it needs to be fixed in a firmware update but didn't give any time frame for release! Having reported on day of release I'm a bit unsatisfied that it's quickly approaching 2 months and there's been no fix for this!!

I have even received updates since then and the fix has not been implemented. Come on Samsung! This is such a ridiculously expensive product that has such a major flaw and you are not pulling your weight with fixing it.
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See the latest update of:


ASJ2 with October patch


You will find it now works fine when switching for 5G to 4G and vice versa.


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