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Do Not Disturb not working properly

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Probably someone can help me, I have a Note 9 and, I have do not disturb scheduled to turn on at 11pm and turn off at 8am, however at 7am everyday it turns off and ends up waking me and my partner up with so many notifications.


I have tried turning the schedule off and on, I have also tried resetting my Note 9, I understand betas have bugs, just wondering is anyone else getting this issue. I might add that I have Digital Wellbeing on as well on a schedule to turn off at 7am, do you think this is somehow connected to my do not disturb not working?


If someone could help that would be really great. 


Thank you

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator



I can imagine that this issue is very annoying.. :(


If the problem persists, please send an error report via the Samsung Members application so that our development team can fix this issue as quickly as possible

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