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firmware update m2070w

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the usblist2.exe is the file that comes with the driver download zipped file.


unzip it to a folder, open that folder and you should see the release notes, also the .hd file in the same folder as the usblist2.exe


edit: when you follow the steps above, at the point when your printer says wait & image, this is the time to run the usblist2.exe on your computer that the printer is connected to by USB.

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Hi, I have downloaded all the required files usblist2.exe and .hd file. But im unable to open the usblist2.exe file in my mac.

how do i opem an exe file in mac?

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YES! the missing link. Thank you.
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I had the same problem. I think the HP support website download link is wrong.
I haven't had a reply to my query, so I got round it by borrowing a windows PC.
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Can somebody PLEASE tell me how to get this piece of garbage updated firmware wise?  It keeps saying it has the latest but that's a lie.  TYVM in advance!!

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Go to this link and download the newest software for your model.   There should be 3 different files.  Use the extract feature on your File Explorer and you will see the file has an .hd extension.  Windows 10 doesn't like .hd, but no problem: Samsung thoughtfully provided a software to open it (the usblist2 or similar file). 


 Power down the computer (If the keypad is locked on the printer like mine was, unplug it). With the power off, press and hold the red Stop/Clear key , then press the Power key (or plug the printer back in) and check to see that the printer display says "download mode".  Then, in the download file (use the thumbnail view),  drag the M2070FW…hd file into the usblist2 (or similar) file.  A black file box will open,  you will see the .hd file open and the numbers run until done, then the black box will close.  Watch the printer display screen, it will begin the firmware update and show the progress in %.  Do not shut off the printer.  The printer will reboot and print whatever documents came with the .hd file.   Voila!


I am not particularly tech savvy, and I had to piece together information from various sources before all the steps came together.  Hope this helps.

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Hi all,

I have applied instructions to update the firmware and I have seen the data on the small DOS screen during the loading, but the only result I finally get on my printer's display is "Image error, Reset printer". I seems that something is corrupted. I have tried with revisions V3.00.01.33 and V3.00.01.37 but none of them work.

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Hey guys, this is what worked for me. My printer is model M2070FW. 

1. Download your model from

2. Once downloaded, extract the file. 

3. Unplug your printer from the power source.

4. Plug in your printer to your PC with the USB connection.

5.  Hold down the red stop/clear button on the printer and then plug the printer back in to the power source.

6. The printer should enter "download mode"

7. Drag the file ending in ".hd" to the usblist2.

8. The printer should start updating. 

9. Wait for the update to finnish. Check the printers display for update percentage. 

10. Once the update is completed, your printer is back to working condition!

I Hope I was able to help at least one person out there.

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i was having the same problem when i powered the printer everytime it went straight to wait image and i tried to load the firmware and on the DOS it showed that it was running but then it said image error reset printer, what i did diferent that worked for me was that i unpluged the power to  the printer then plug the power on again and held down the orange button (stop/clear) so that the message of entering download mode is displayed and then it goes to wait image and then i used the revision v3.00.01.33 and it worked it started to program.

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Hello, thanks so far, bringing printer in „wait image“ Modus worked, but „ drag and drop „ of the .hd file to the .exe file on my Mac does not. Simply nothing starts. Any ideas would be highly appreciated! Maybe a user faults. 



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