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Using Multi-room system on a mesh-wifi network


 I am using a Soundbar + two R1s as a surround setup via multi-room and very happy with it.  


I have just upgraded my wifi to a mesh type system (Netgear Orbi) which means that there are now two wifi access points (router and satellite) with the same SSID.  Everything seems to work fine with the surround sound, apart from very occasional sound dropouts which never happened before I changed my wifi network.


What is interesting is that when I check the network status in the multiroom app, I see this :






The BTHub5 SSID is my main Wifi Network, and the DIRECT-h3 SSID gets created when the speakers are grouped in surround mode.


Note that the two rear R1 speakers are on different wifi channels shows that they have connected to different WFI nodes .  (I can't seem to control this)


My question is about the DIRECT-h3[TV] connection - what does this do ? I assume that this is a separate WIFI network on channel 8 that the TV is creating and all audio is transmitted over this channel ?


 What I am trying to figure out is the cause of (very) occasional sound dropouts.  I am wondering if the DIRECT-h3 is interfering with my main network (or visa versa).








After a week or so this resolved itself and all speakers are on the same wifi channel again and working fine.



I would still like to understand the function of the DIRECT-h3[TV] wifi connection.   Does this SSID carry the audio ?


Not an answer but an observation...


I had a problem where by the whole surround sound setup dropped so I ended up after a lot of research splitting the 2.45Ghz and 5Ghz network (I assume a Sky Q setup?).  That cured the problem of the wifi dropping but I ended up with your proble. so I bought a Netgear Nighthawk access point,  set the up and suddenly noticed my network was running about 4 times faster than before......

Still have no front wifi though :-(



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