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Anynet/HDMI-CEC and ARC not working

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Unfortunately Caavo isn't an option for those of us outside of the US.


An alternative could be to use a high-end universal remote if you can find one that's compatible with all devices, run an optical cable for return audio and disable CEC/ARC completely. For me, this would require an upgrade to a high-tier remote as my IR-based Harmony 650 sadly cannot control the Nvidia Shield directly.


Meanwhile I've switched my AV receiver back to the non-ARC enabled HDMI1 input (which I was using prior to my AVR upgrade) and also saw that my TV has just had a firmware update to version 1270. Will post back if these changes result in any improvements.


[Update 30 Aug 2019]

Neither of the above changes (using a non-ARC HDMI input & firmware update 1270) has improved on the intermittent loss of CEC after several days. I've now gone back to using ARC+CEC with a plug-in power timer installed to hard reset my TV each night. Will update with results in about a week.


[Update 9 Sept 2019]

So far not a single issue with HDMI CEC or ARC after installing a plug timer to reset the TV each night. I think I'll call this the 'Automated Hard Reset' technique


If you're after a quick-fix to the 'fails after X days' issue, then I highly recommend giving AHR a go! My timer only cost  around $10, so what have you got to lose?
Note: I wouldn't recommend resetting any external devices at the same time as their CEC wake-up commands may turn the TV on


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I have posted my solution several times. There currently is no reliable soution that works and uses the ARC and CEC Feature. I'm sorry for this and Samsung Sucks.

I use a Universal Remote (Caavo Control Center) and essentially only use the TV as a Monitor. I have a Roku, Samsung BR/Media Player, and X-Box plugged into the Caavo. The Caavo plugs into my AVR Onkyo, and my AVR Plugs into the Samsung QLED TV. Everthing works perfectly (HDR@60Hz, Dolby Atmos, One remote for all).





Hey John,


From what you describe, the Caavo seems like it would be the best solution. I have a PS4 Pro (4K) and a Panasonic receiver (about 5 years old). I used to be able to seemlessly operate all of them through the Samsung TV, but now nothing is communicating anymore, and the remote will not operate any other devices anymore.


First of all, is this a new problem seemingly everyone is experiencing? It used to be that if I turned on the TV, it would turn on the receiver and the PS4. Likewise, if I turned off the PS4, it would turn everything else off. And through all this, the remote was actually quite solid in operating everything: imperfect for the PS4, but still quite adept, and operated the receiver volume - all I needed. Now no communication, whatsoever. On top of that, the ARC connect to the receiver no longer emits sound from my receiver at all, and HDMI is not even an option on the TV. Had an optical cable, thankfully, but digital-in setting won't adjust the sound whatsoever.


Back to Caavo: Would it basically be able to operate everything effectively like the Samsung TV used to? I'm assuming that the Bluetooth functionality of the PS4 is not necessary since the Caavo would somehow operate through the HDMI? Is that the idea?


Thanks John


@Johnny_from_AZ wrote:

I found out something interesting today with my new UN50NU710D TV.  I got everything setup with just the OTA signal and my soundbar plugged in to HDMI3 (ARC); everything tested good. I then hooked up all of my other devices and the soundbar quit working. It didn't even show up as an option under the sound menu.

I disconnected everything but the OTA and the soundbar started working again. As it turns out, the ARC port stops working when I plug in a 4K HDMI switch - ROOFULL brand. Tried different cables but the HDMI switch is definitely the problem regardless of HDMI port (1 or 2). I have not tried a different brand.

Before I plug in the switch, volume up/down works. Plug in switch, volume up/down doesn't work. Unplug switch, volume up/down works. I don't even have to power cycle everything.


UPDATE: My PS4 is causing the issue. Looks like my only option is optical to soundbar while my PS4 is connected to the TV.

What was the problem the PS4 was causing. I recently got a PS4 Pro and on top of the picture going out every so often (seems like usually at the first few minutes), everything that used to seemlessly communicate between the TV, the PS4 and my 5.1 amp, all stopped, on top of ARC no producing any sound anymore.

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Same issue "source not found" 

Using ARC .

Yamaha rx-a770 receiver

Un82mu8000 82" Samsung Tv

everything else (other inputs) work fine only has source issues with the pc, after a few reboots it works like it should. 


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Hi everyone, for those experiencing ARC/CEC issues every few days after performing a reset / disconnecting cables then I highly recommend using a wall plug timer to reset your TV every night. I'm calling this the 'automated hard reset'. Once you've set the schedule, simply plug the timer between your power socket and the TV and you'll forget all about the days when you lost sound or CEC on your Samsung TV


For me, this was even cheaper than the replacement HDMI cable I bought to try (which didn't help at all) so probably the cheapest possible solution to this issue.


For the record my TV is a Samsung 55NU7400 4K UHD television, plugged into a Pioneer VSX-832 AV receiver.


I hope this helps someone.

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I FIXED IT! I was having this issue with my Samsung Q7 and my Denon AVR-X3200W. I fixed it by going into my receiver settings turning off ARC and then turning it back on. I then went into my Samsung TV settings and turned off 

Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) and then turned it back on. It started working right away. Prior to this I couldn’t get sound from any of my devices to come out of my Receiver and my TV wouldn’t list my Receiver as a sound output option. Before this I tried unplugging the TV from the wall and many other trouble shooting steps. Nothing else worked.  Also note: I have had my TV and receiver  for about a year and a half and I’ve never had this issue. It started when I either renamed the source on my TV for my receiver or unplugged the HDMI cable that goes from my receiver into the TV. I’m using HDMI 2 which is my ARC port. I hope this helps someone!

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I'm facing exactly the same issue.

I have UE75NU8002 model and it it's the worst ever experience so far.

I have Onkyo new receiver and TV suffers to communicate over hdmi.

I had Samsung support send and engineers to my house and they have replaced the entire motherboard!!! Twice already!!! No luck. Plus it also tends to randomly turn itself off when playing hbogo, Netflix, YouTube etc.

Last replacement of board at my house was done improperly - they picked wrong panel type from the list and the entire tv just started misbehaving badly. They're coming back this Friday and will give me all the paperwork so I can get my money back!

Am thinking to either switch back to Panasonic which has been great or investing into projector and screen. 

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Same tb series (ue75nu8002) and same onkyo avr. Same issue.

Had motherboard replaced twice. Still same issue.

I realized this all started to malfunction after latest update of TV I believe. Or tjehw uses some cheap capacitors that need resetting every few weeks.

So this weekend my Samsung decided to stop getting any HDMI source from my Yamaha receiver.  Swapped cables... nothing.  Power cycled each... nothing.  Had to completely restore back to factory settings and set everything back up from scratch.  Somehow the source settings on the Samsung got corrupted that’s why it wasn’t detecting a source even when there was one.  Seems to be working smooth again but I expect ARC to drop out again at any moment so I won’t hold my breath. 

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