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Gear Watches not recording sleep stages and steps correctly

(Topic created on: 10-01-2019 11:05 AM)
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My wife and I have new Gear Watches (both 42 & 46mm). Neither records Deep Sleep correctly (most nights are zero!). We have 1) tightened band and 2) set heart rate to Always. It still doesn't work!!! Hers also records way less steps than she walks. I see a MULTITUDE OF COMPLAINTS in MANY forums inside Samsung and outside of these same issues. Samsung moderators, this needs to be fixed AND responded to because you are giving the appearance of not listening or caring or responding. The two recommeded fixes are not solving the problem. People including us are considering returning watches. At least admit the issue and explain what is being done to fix it! Otherwise this will end up costing the company a LOT of business for a long time as your reputation is tarnished. We love Samsung products and have several, but aren't going to pay for something that doesn't work. What is your response?


Hi @SkipR.


We've reported the various activity tracking issues that you Galaxy Watch folks are experiencing to our software guys; and they’re continuing to work on it. We also created and pinned a thread on how to send error reports to help them better analyse what’s going on in each of your cases:


(Of course, this is just from the UK & Ireland point of view; other countries may have a different approach on this depending on what their Support set up is.)


Beyond that, we don’t  have anything concrete or official on this one to tell you guys so far. There’s a suspicion that the software algorithms might need reviewing – but I doubt that’s revealing news to any of you peeps out there who’ve done a bit of testing yourselves.


On an additional general sidenote, if you've come across them on your travels around the forum then it’s worth adding to an existing thread on an existing topic that best fits yours, rather than creating a new one. :smiling-face: :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type: