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Galaxy Watch/Gear smartwatches - How do you submit an Error Report?

(Topic created on: 14-09-2018 03:22 PM)

*** Please check out the updated guidance here: ***




Hi all. 


For anyone experiencing issues with Steps Tracking, Heart Rate monitoring or any other unusual behaviour in your watch or it's activity tracking, you can send diagnostic info directly to our software team for them to more closely investigate what's going on for you. (The data is anonymised, and only held for the duration of the investigation of the report.)


  • On the watch, make sure that Settings > About Gear > Report Diagnostics >  Toggle On


  • As soon as you experience the issue (or within 15 minutes of it happening), on your phone, launch Galaxy Wearable App’ > More (3 dots) > Contact us > Error Reports > Input Symptoms > SEND


M_error_reporting01.jpg           M_error_reporting02.jpg            M_error_reporting03.jpg



Edit (adding steps on how to do this for a Galaxy Watch Active 2):


For a Galaxy Watch Active 2: Settings > About watch > Legal Information, and there should be an option to automatically send the device's diagnostic and usage info you can set in there.


Should also be in Galaxy Wearable > Home > About watch > Legal Information.


Also, this gives a step-by-step guide on how to submit an error report for a Wearable from then on: 

Samsung Members Star ★★★

It is so important in relevant cases - thank you!


See you soon!

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What if it is an issue that occurs all the time (like Spotify battery drain even when not in use)?? 


The heart rate monitor issue has been well reported going back to January of this year.  Why has Samsung done nothing to solve this software issue?  The issue affects multiple wearables and is global and has been very well documented on this and other forums.  I am extremely disappointed to have spent the money I did to purchase a device that is so poorly supported.


Hi Ants,


Couple of questions.


Are you sure these reports we submit go directly to the software team? From past experience it seems the people these reports go to have very basic knowledge and only know basic troubleshooting steps. They also seem to still ask for a log even though you attach one.


Second question.

If I have a problem where the HR stops recording mid workout (let's face it, I will get this problem, I have done for the past 9 months), if I then notice the problem once I finish the workout (2 to 3 hours later sometimes), will the data from the logs still be useful?


@JK2017: If it occurs all of the time, then send an error report any time you're able.


@Ricky2: The Members app service team do give out troubleshooting advice, but they also should be sending the error reports with log files they come across in the software team's direction.


That 15 minute window is best for capturing relevant data (particularly for an infrequent intermittent issue), but any info outside of that you can send might have something useful in it for a persistent HR tracking issue too, so I'd say it's worth doing in this case.


Thanks. I have sent the report now but here is a link to further information should anyone want it.


This is big b***** ... Samsung... seventh most valuable company of the world wants from us send diagnostic for your software team? what??? Do you not have same people who knows running, cyckling, jumping ? Everyone from your team knows where is issue, everyone... and you are not able to fix it in half a year...




Why are you surprised about this, they were unable to copy/paste the sensor firmware from s3 to galaxy watch. They pretty much named the galaxy watch os tizen 4 so it would have an extra feature altho is identical to tizen 3 released this year...


Right now I have both gear s3 an galaxy watch on my wrists as I'm doing some tests. 


S3 has 18700+ steps galaxy has 16000, an this is due to doing 2 long walks. If there would have been lots and starts and stops like moving around an office the gap would have been way larger.


The sleep tracking on galaxy is a joke, 2 days ago I found it trackingy sleep an hour after I've doesn't work properly with hr always on or frequent. 


Location takes a couple of minutes, if not more, to lock on with running app active.


HR monitor takes breaks whenever it wants... 


Altimeter is even more useless then on gear s3... Never thought that would be possible...


Lately I see the watch waking up from time to time even without moving it. This goes on even while on the Samsungs duo charger. Sometimes is more frequent sometimes rarely happens. A factory reset helped for 2 days...


What freakin report would I send to describe this?.... 



Rant over lol


I just got my Galaxy Watch yesterday, and I can already tell you that any clock face on it (even the standard one you call Tomcat) does not manage to show how many steps I've walked. It just says 0. If I navigate to my health page on the watch, I get the correct amount of steps taken (roughly).

Edit: Rebooting my watch seems to have solved it - maybe. It's just past midnight now so the steps are naturally back to 0, but before I swapped clock faces right after the reboot it did report the correct steps.


It's also extremely slow at discovering when I'm taking a walk.

Ps. I'm synced up with my Note 9. Samsung + Samsung should be a breeze. Instead it's a slippery slope.

At least you guys could have a "update everything" button - instead of every samsung app requiring updates as we launch them.