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Canceling a Pre-Order On A 46mm Galaxy Watch 4 Classic LTE

(Topic created on: 19-09-2021 12:50 AM)
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I ordered a black watch back in mid-August along with a discounted band and charger. The charger was eventually shipped. This order has now slipped back to October 19 for the watch. In a separate order, I got a phone and another silver 46mm watch. Got the watch in five days. I have since sent back the charger and canceled the watch band from the first order. But I can't cancel the pre-order watch.

The excuses I have received for not being to cancel the watch have varied. 1) Discounted items already shipped. I returned it. Next. 2) Your item is being prepared for shipment. Well if this was the Manhattan Project I'd believe it. But yeah, even the guy who tried that one backed down from that excuse pretty quickly. 3) The honest answer is they can't cancel it either. The system doesn't allow them to. My only option is to get charged $400 and then contact FedEx to refuse receipt and then hope nothing gets lost in the shuffle.  Oh, all this is after I got two emails from Samsung Orders stating the order was delayed, one of which said I could cancel the order. 

My experience with order support has been mixed. The worst was being a one-hour call where I was shuffled around to three employees, one of which was a "supervisor". I was then told that I could contact and was actually even transferred to Samsung Finance so I could essentially block the order payment which was pending. Well, after being on hold after navigating the phone tree I finally got a person who said "Hello this is Samsung Finance, who do I have the pleasure of speaking" then disconnect, not a hangup, just silence. At this point I figured Samsung was playing the old basketball four-corner offense with me, waiting me out. Well, it worked, I gave up. 

Will see what happens. The situation was "escalated" which doesn't really mean anything to me. I also have a ticket number, which is also meaningless at this point. One person said I'd get a response within 24 hours (didn't happen). The last said three days. I'm not hopeful. You would think a month before shipment that I could cancel an order. Yes? No?