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Worst service i have ever encountered

(Topic created on: 31-05-2023 08:28 AM)

we ordered a fridge freezer 2 weeks ago over £1000, arrived with a huge dent in the side, we took multiple photos as did the delivery company. They returned the fridge we have received zero updates, we have called multiple times and all we get is a ridiculous customer service in the ***** philipines. first they say wait 5 days we havent received it, we cant send a new one until we do. We wait 8days still no update so we call again this time they say its cancelled,  we have to argue with the complete morons that it wasnt, they finally do their job and see that it is indeed waiting for a replacement but they are waiting for it to be returned, we say the delivery company Panther took it back with them.Apparently that isnt good enough even though they know we havent got it and need a replacement,  we eventually get the phone number for the delivery firm from them, after a long discussion about them being in breach of their contract and illegally holding our money and refusing to give us the product we have purchased or refunding us, something i dont understand as we are the customer and it is not our fault nor responsibility to sort this clusterf**k out. Anway we contact the delivery company they say they will not return it until they've investigated which apparently means we should suffer with no fridge or freezer, that said they agree we should not be waiting for a new fridge as we did not damage or do anything wrong. We are still waiting for any kind of response from either party on what is happening, we have sort legal aid and they also confirmed that they are in breach of their contract and should not be holding our money and product.  Ive always been an advocate for Samsung but after this complete and utter catastrophe and lack of care and support I'll be doing everything to persuade friends and family to avoid them at all costs, this is pathetic and i shocked that such a company would treat customers this way.


now after 10 days we were told they were going to send a replacement by 9th june, the next day we get an email sasying we have had the refund processed, after calling again they say there are non instock coincidentally after the price of the fridge went up. We then say that is not so as we can order it right now and its instock plus after all this nonsense they took our old fridge so we can't even trade it in 

again they are f***ing useless