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What a waist of my time and money - Fridge Freezer

(Topic created on: 15-05-2023 12:59 PM)
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I have bought 1 X Samsung Family Hub RF65A977FB1/EU French Style Fridge Freezer with Beverage Center - Black. The fridge initially had a price tag of £4599.00, and they had a special promotion of £2000.00 off. Additionally, they were giving £250.00 to exchange your fridge as well.  So I thought I would change my old Samsung Family that broke (the 10-year under warranty Inverter which could not be fixed, and they do not offer a replacement fridge) for this new model. 

So I placed the order. The fridge came and could not be fitted through the door, so the took as the delivery company needed to have on their paperwork that the fridge doors needed to be removed—so the Fridge came two days later again. Only to find that this "new " fridge had 2 dents. One in each door. So much for having a pristine fridge. 

So I contacted them and asked them to rectify the problem. They offered me 15% cash back on the price of the fridge. But now they want to deduct the price of my fridge and give me the 15% off what I have paid. 

When I said that this was not good and to come and take the fridge back, they refused and told me to call customer services. So I felt like a ping-pong ball. 

I am unsure how they took the royal approval seal, but their customer service and resolution are a joke. 

I spent more time with them on the phone than with smaller companies. 

I will say stay away from this company. 



Community Manager

Hey, this isn't ideal - I'd recommend contacting us on our socials @samsunguk and we'll look into this for you.



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