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Trouble communicating with Samsung shop and complaints

(Topic created on: 02-08-2021 01:11 PM)
First Poster
Is anyone else having trouble communicating with Samsumg online shop. I bought a Fridge Freezer on 17.07.2021 and paid extra for installation and recycling of my old appliance. It was arranged that it would be delivered on 21.07.2021, it arrived at 09.50. The two lads brought it into my house and I told them I wanted it installing where the old one had been. Sorry one of the lads said your not down as install or recycling of old appliance and you will have to contact Samsung. 
I contacted Samsung and was told they would get the old appliance picked up. Also being without a fridge freezer I had to install the new one, but when I took the packaging off the fridge door was badly damaged. I contacted Samsung again and they said they would have someone come and look at the appliance. On the Friday I got a phone call from a refrigeration engineer who said I would need a total appliance replacement. On Friday 30.07.2021 I get a call from a carrier stating the new appliance will be delivered today and the other one would need to be defrosted or they wouldn't deliver the new one. So my wife and I emptied everything out last night to make sure it was done. This morning comes and goes so I thought better ring the carrier to be told Samsung has not delivered the appliance to the carrier and no one knows when it is coming. 
Also I still despite many many emails have my old appliance that was supposed to be recycled nearly 2 weeks ago. 
I am still no further forward despite contacting Samsung on numerous occasions. 
Does anyone know the contact details for the complaints department of Samsung in the UK please.
Many thanks