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Thinking of trading in your old Samsung for a shiny new S20? Think again...

(Topic created on: 12-03-2020 11:08 PM)

Well I was expecting £200 trade in for my S8 Plus against an S20 Ultra - now Samsung has received the S8 Plus they claim it has screen burn in at the top of the screen beside the time and want £100 from me. Well this phone is just over two years old. So either Samsung are selling phones with screens not fit for purpose or they are trying to rip me off. This will be the last Samsung I buy. 

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I realise this is an old thread but I'm having the same problem.  Bought an S22+ with trade-in of my old S10.  Received the new phone, posted the old one back, got an email saying they received it (20th April, almost a month ago!).  Then the dreaded pop up saying new phone would be locked, emailed the trade in team and they told me they'd contact Samsung.  Few days later (28th April) the new phone gets locked.  I've been emailing, live chatting and calling the online sales support team and they all just say the same thing:  they'll contact internal support for an urgent unlock.  My new phone has now been locked for 18 days and no-one seems to be able to do anything about it.

I'm just venting a bit here but for the people who had this issue I assume it was resolved since you haven't posted again?  What finally helped?  Or was it just time?

I've tried to be patient and assumed it would maybe take like 8 days but I'm approaching 3 weeks with no end in sight.

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 i have just sent my phone for trade in for a new one. it looks like many people are having the same issues. i know that my old phone is in excellent condition and only 14 months old. never heard of screen burn until i read the reviews. if i had read them earlier i would not have done it. i am now waiting for the outcome of my trade in but i am concerned. look out for my review when i hear from them. one other point is that if all Samsung phones suffer from screen burn then this is a problem for Samsung surely.