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SCAM - 15% off Watch 5 when you buy NOW

(Topic created on: 06-09-2022 05:37 PM)

Do not get conned by Samsung like I did. I purchased Galaxy Z Flip 4 and when I was selecting the model an offer came below stating that if I order a watch 5 NOW, I will get 15% discount automatically applied at checkout. I have been meaning to buy one so decided to go for it and bought Watch 5 Pro. After I paid, I realised that the discount was not applied. Having contacted Samsung on numerous occasions, they informed me that because the website applied another offer (free Smart Tabs when you spend over £500), the 15% off the Watch 5 did not apply. I did not even want the Smart Tabs, it just got added by their website. 

What is even more frustrating is that when I received my Z Flip 4, in the box, there was a 15% discount code for using on their website. So, if I had not bought the watch there and then, being conned by their promotion, I would have been able to buy a Watch 5 Pro with a 15% discount a day later. I have asked Samsung customer support to honor the 15% discount, however their response was that this is a non-stackable offer (which was not made clear at all) and therefore I am not entitled to the 15% discount.

Very poor experience and very very disappointed. Having spent nearly £1,500 I expected, better support and treatment. Last time I shop from Samsung or buy a Samsung product. I requested to return the items and was told that there might be a reduction because I have used them, for 1 DAY !!! Attrocious!

You have rights, use them before your time is up
Send the watch back for a refund, then purchase it again using the 15% code. It may sound stupid but if you can't stack discounts then you can't stack them.

You should also pay attention at checkout to make sure you got your 15% and questioned it then before you purchased the items.

So it's not really a scam is it.

I asked to send the watch back and this is when they told me that they might reduce the price for the usage of 1 day! When I was checking out, a discount was showing, it just did not deduct it from the Total. It then transpired that the discount shown was for the Smart Tags. I even suggested to Samsung that I will return the smart tags so they can give me the 15% and this was "not possible". I was given an item I did not want from Samsung and for that the discount that I did want was not applied and when I asked for this to be rectified, I was given an excuse, not a solution.